We announce PUPILS of LESCHETIZKY series

This series will be the culmination of Leschetizky research consisting of five anthology CDs and several CDs of each pianist.

Volume One include 9 pianists born from 1830 to 1875.

Theodor Leschetizky (1830-1915) - Welte-Mignon piano roll
Ignace jan Paderewski (1860-1940)
Louis Rée (1861-1939) & Susanne Pilz Rée (1862-1937)
Auguste de Radwan (1867-1957)
Mary Hallock-Greenewalt (1871-1950)
Katharine Goodson (1872-1958)
Marthe Girod-Nierek (1875-1939)
Celeste Chop-Groenevelt (1875-1958)

1 Audio CD with liner note by Dr. James Methuen-Campbell. and many pianist photos & a portrait.
This CD labeled new "FRAGMENT of HISTORY" series which is many include very old and the rarest 78rpm recordings with disc noise.

  • Pupils of Leschetizky Vol.1 (pianists born from 1830 to 1875) 「レシェティツキの弟子たち 第1集」

    2,420 JPY

  • Pupils of Leschetizky Vol.2 (pianists born in 1878 & 1879) 「レシェティツキの弟子たち 第2集」

    2,420 JPY