Coming soon ! 9/19 on sale- "Pupils of Leschetizky" Vol.2

19 Sept. 2018 on Sale !!

"Pupils of Leschetizky Vol.2" (pianists born from 1878 to 1879)
include 7 pianists the following.
Ossip Gabrilowitsch (Bach/Saint-Saëns, Gluck-Brahms, Arensky)
Severin Eisenberger (Beethoven : Moonlight Sonata)
Mark Hambourg (Beethoven, Paganini/Liszt, Moszkowski)
Herman Osthmeier (Moszkowski, Rachmaninoff)
Richard Singer (Complete German VOX recordings)
Frank La Forge (Chopin)

  • Pupils of Leschetizky Vol.1 (pianists born from 1830 to 1875) 「レシェティツキの弟子たち 第1集」

    2,420 JPY

  • Pupils of Leschetizky Vol.2 (pianists born in 1878 & 1879) 「レシェティツキの弟子たち 第2集」

    2,420 JPY