The Leo Sirota project will start.

We will announce the next new release of Sakuraphon CD🍒.

This new series was able to start with the full cooperation of Mr.Leo Sirota's family and Mr.Allan Evans's (Arbiter of Cultural Traditions) family.

So far, Mr.Allan Evans has released a lot of great CDs on Pearl, Dante, and Arbiter.
Sakuraphon will take over that feat and continue to make CDs of Leo Sirota's unreleased recordings.

The first is two titles. It is scheduled to be released in late February.

💿SKRP-LS01 "Leo Sirota : Acetate Disc Recordings"
(incl. Beethoven:Waldstein Sonata, Chopin: Etudes, Ballade, Waltz ..., and Liszt)

💿SKRP-LS02 "Leo Sirota : Piano Recital Volume 1"
(Great master pieces of J.S.Bach to S.Rachmaninoff from Broadcast tape recordings)

Look foward!
With my best wishes,

Hisao 🎹the Sirota Project