New release - "Souvenir de Marie Panthès (1871-1955)" Re-mastered

Panthès, Marie (3 Nobember 1871 - 11 March 1955)
Panthès was born in Odessa (Russian Empire) of French parents.

The original LP for the 10th anniversary of the death of Marie Panthès († March 11, 1955) this souvenir disc was prepared by a group of friends of the great deceased pianist, in collaboration with the Geneva Studio of Swiss Broadcasting. Even today, it is extremely popular with music lovers as the definitive performance of Chopin and Liszt.. With this complete reissued, we have performed more polite and high-quality remastering.


  • SOUVENIR DE MARIE PANTHÈS 1871-1955 / マリー・パンテ:ジュネーヴ・ラジオ放送録音

  • Marie Panthès : Columbia & Pacific 78rpm recordings 「マリー・パンテ:ピアノSP録音集」

  • Vintage Piano Ad T-Shirts (Orgnic Cotton) レトロ ピアノ AD オーガニックコットン Tシャツ

  • Edward Weiss : Piano Recital (A pupil of Busoni) / エドワード・ヴァイス:ピアノ・リサイタル(ブゾーニの弟子たち)

  • ASAHINA CHOPIN 1949 - 朝比奈 隆 初期放送録音 (w/ 眞木利一、関西交響楽団)「ショパン:ピアノ協奏曲第一番」1949年放送録音

  • Pupils of Leschetizky Vol.5 (pianists born from 1887 to1890) 「レシェティツキの弟子たち 第5集」