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Jacqueline Eymar plays FAURE ~ pages célèbres de GABRIEL FAURÉ 「ジャクリーヌ・エイマール:フォーレ名演集」

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♫Barcarolle N° 2 en sol majeur, Op.41 Impromptu N° 2 en fa mineur, Op.31 Nocturne N° 1 en mi bémol mineur, Op.33 Impromptu N° 5 en fa dièse mineur, Op.102 Nocturne N° 6 en ré bémol majeur, Op.63 Valse Caprice N° 3 en sol majeur, Op.59 Jacqueline Eymar (23 Jun.1922 - 6 Dec.2008 ), Pianiste Born in Nice, France, studied under great pianist Yves Nat(1890-1956), Jacqueline Eymar has led in the thirty years after the war a rich career as a soloist and pianist of chamber music. Jacqueline Eymar has played a wide and varied repertoire, in which the classical & romantic period (Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Schumann, Brahms...) and French music (Fauré, Debussy, Ravel, Franck, Chabrier ...) took pride of place. Soloist of the National Orchestra and the French Radio and Television Orchestra, she was also a regular of the great Parisian associations, playing for the Society of the concerts of the conservatory or as part of the concerts Colonne and concerts Lamoureux. In Europe, the USSR (1958, 1961, 1967), Southeast Asia (1965) and America (1971), she has toured extensively, performing piano recitals and chamber music concerts for the public. In addition to her solo work, Jacqueline Eymar has devoted an important part of her work to chamber music, collaborating actively with Günter Kehr - violinist and conductor of Germany - and with the trio Kehr, founded by the latter. At the time of the Franco-German reconciliation, they met in quartet and gave together many concerts in France, in Germany and in the world. Criticism recognized him as an exceptional power and elegance of play, most often praising the architectural design of his works. On March 30, 1960, René Dumesnil wrote in Le Monde: "I have rarely seen such complete possession of an interpreter by the music it animates". On February 13, 1965, the composer Luc-André Marcel spoke to her in these terms: "The way you illuminate such detail, which you make emerge such second shot, which you conduct a crescendo, is such evidence that you can not not listen. Moreover, the extreme beauty of the sound and the astonishing variety of colors, the total absence of arbitrariness, of gratuitous virtuosity, add to this impression of hearing pure music. " Jacqueline Eymar has given great importance to contemporary composers, showing to French and foreign audiences artists such as André Jolivet, Georges Migot, Serge Nigg, Antoine Tisne, Marius Constant and Luc-André Marcel, whose two concertos she has created for piano. In 1960, she performed in Pleyel Hall, Paris, the Khachaturian piano concerto (1926), which directed the National Orchestra. In the 1980s, she retired to her family home in Pourrières (Var), reserving her performances to an audience of music lovers. 「ジャクリーヌ・エイマール(ピアノ):フォーレ名演集」 【解説】仏ピアニズム黄金時代の女流ピアニスト、 ジャクリーヌ・エイマール(Jacqueline Eymar, 1922-2008) による代表的な2タイトルを完全復刻。 この「フォーレ名演集」「ドビュッシー名演集」は、 ソロ録音の少ないエイマールが、30代の全盛期に残したピアノファンに不動の人気を誇る定番レコード。 10歳で生地の南仏ニースにてデビュー、第二次世界大戦直後のパリでイーヴ・ナットに学び、フォーレ、ドビュッシー、フランク、ラヴェル、シャブリエ、シューベルト 、ショパン、シューマン、ブラームスなど幅広いレパートリーをはじめ、ジョルジュ・ミゴー「黄道12宮」、アンドレ・ジョリヴェ、セルジュ・ニグ、アントワーヌ・ティスネ、マリウス・コンスタン、 ピアノの師でもあるイーヴ・ナットのピアノ曲など、同時代作曲家の作品をいち早く紹介した功績が讃えられている。

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